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14 July 20
disinfectant pakistan

Coronavirus is a deadly virus. It has claimed more than 576,000 lives worldwide. People all over the world are struggling to cope with coronavirus. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends the use of antimicrobial disinfectants to effectively kill germs and bacteria. After testing and approving a disinfectant EPA gives the brand a registration number.

Not all disinfectants available in the market are capable of killing bacteria and viruses. You have to choose the right product in the right manner to get rid of all kinds of viruses, germs, and bacteria. Sitara Safe is an disinfectant that is suitable for soft, hard, and non-porous surfaces. It is suitable for hospitals, restaurants, entertainment avenues, office premises, and household use.

The best way to keep your place disinfected is to use the precise product. Consider the touch points of your house and office premises. Every time someone touches a doorknob, handle, switch buttons, they are disinfected again. Hence, it is important to disinfectant them frequently. There is no point in applying a disinfectant which is not effective to kill harmful germs.

Sitara Safe is recommended by the CDC and WHO. It is an disinfectant that ensures proper disinfection of all kinds of surfaces.

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Application and Uses of Sitara Safe Surface Disinfectant


Disinfectant for Kitchens and Cafeteria: 

The kitchen countertops are commonly contaminated surfaces. Cleaning the visible dirt and grimes is not enough. You have to get rid of harmful pathogens in your kitchen. Sitara Safe is a food-grade surface disinfectant which is safe to use in cafeteria and kitchens.

Disinfectant for Hospitals & Clinics:

A hospital-grade disinfectant should have the efficacy to kill a variety of pathogens. COVID- 19 is a global health threat. Sitara Safe is a broad spectrum disinfectant that can be used to eliminate coronavirus from all kinds of surfaces. It comes with the highest level of germ-killing power which is safe to disinfect hospitals and clinics.

Disinfectant for Restaurants:

There has been a strong impact of COVID-Currently restaurants are running their business through takeout and delivery option. To prevent food borne diseases, it is imperative to clean and disinfect food preparation surfaces in restaurants. Sitara Safe is a food-grade disinfectant that is ideal to use in restaurants.

Dinners and kitchen staff come in frequent contact with the surfaces of the restaurants. Hence, they are prone to get infected with germs and bacteria. Sitara Safe is intended to disinfect all kinds of surfaces in your restaurant.

Disinfectant for Households:

We all aim for a germ-free house. The coronavirus outbreak has made us rethink the cleanliness of our house. Our houses are contaminated with microscopic level microorganisms. It is important to disinfect the various surfaces of our houses to eliminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Sitara Safe is a household disinfectant spray which vigilantly disinfects all kinds of surfaces.

No Rinsing Required: Sitara Safe is a powerful disinfectant that does not leave any harmful chemicals on the surface. It is suitable to disinfect all kinds of hard and non-porous surfaces. You have to spray the disinfectant directly on the surface. It comes with a one-step formula. There is no wiping and rinsing required.

Kills bacteria, viruses, and mold: Sitara Safe stops the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew. Sitara Safe makes it convenient for you to get rid of mold and mildew. You don’t require to scrub the surface to get rid of germs and bacteria.

disinfectant pakistan

About Sitara Chemicals

Based in Faislabad, Sitara Peroxide is the largest manufacturer of chemical products serving individual and professional customers nationally and internationally. We offer you the best quality products which exceed your expectations. Our focus is on bringing convenience in your life by giving you outstanding products. Sitara Safe is one of a kind disinfectant. It comes with unparalleled quality.

The best preventive measure to prevent COVID-19 is to disinfect all the surfaces of your house. Sitara Safe is a non-toxic, non-alcoholic product. This disinfectant spray Pakistan meets the WHO recommendations and EPA standards. It comes with a 2-minute quick action formula. Sitara Safe is the choice of every responsible Pakistani who wants to fight back COVID-19.

As proven leaders since 1981, Sitara Chemicals brings for you quality products that are made from their patent technology. Our product line includes a broad spectrum of chemicals. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals that are not harmful. Sitara Safe is safe to use disinfectant which allows you to maintain the integrity of your facility. It leaves the surfaces germ-free and meets all your disinfecting needs.

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