Product & Distribution


Delivering hydrogen peroxide to our customer’s premises is the single most important part of our job, and the ultimate amalgamation of our commitment to reliability, safety and quality. Sitara Peroxide’s foremost concern is that our products reach their destinations both quickly and safely, which is why we only use premier transport solutions: custom-made drums and tanker trucks.

Cans & Multi-boxes

Concentrations of up to 50% are distributed in cans or multi-boxes. All such containers are equipped with a venting device in the head and should never be stacked and palletized in a way that might damage or block the vent.

Tanker Trucks

Our bulk road tankers deliver customer’s order straight into their bulk storage tanks. For this purpose the trucks are equipped with hoses and fitting for attachment to bulk storage systems. Because Sitara Peroxide tank trucks are only used for hydrogen peroxide any possibility of contamination with other products is completely eliminated.